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About Us

Innovative 101 Pte Ltd seeks to source and develop only the most advanced innovative and decorative building materials possessing the highest quality, durability and aesthetics which not only enhances the modern design ideas for both residential and commercial applications, but also caters to the contemporary tastes of our clientele.

In the near future, Innovative 101 plans to expand its influence, introducing its expertise and selection of decorative materials to neighbouring countries and establish long-term relations with reputable interior design and architectural consultant firms.

Fabrication and Installation services are also part of Innovative 101 Pte Ltd’s operational blueprint, aiming not only to deliver the premier materials but also to customise and suit to architects’ and designers’ ultimate designs. Strong and reliable teams with established industry experiences has led Yongda Water-Jet Machinery seek to work with Innovative 101 to further market and service its machineries in the region as Yongda Sole-agent.

Yongda is one of the most established brands in the market for this product, with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in Water-jet machinery and well-equipped with the most cutting-edge technology in the market. In conjunction with a team of experienced engineers from Innovative 101 Pte Ltd, it is our responsibility to provide only the best service support to its clients which ensures a smooth process for all its fabrication and installation services.

With excellent workmanship and customer service in mind, Innovative 101 Pte Ltd is dedicated to providing only the best quality materials and finished products which bring about remarkable aesthetics in them.